Today the companies of Gruppo Eurocopy market the following brands:

Logo Canon

A wide range of printing/scanning products including the small fax to the high powerful printing machines dedicated to production printing.
Each device has been properly designed to offer wide sinergies together with the advanced software solutions.

Logo Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta
A wide range of colour oriented products, with high quality attention to printing solutions in order to satisfy all customers’ needs.
The exclusive Emperon and Simitri technologies confirm the high technology standards and high performance.

Logo NT-ware

uniFLOW, integrated print and scan management solution, with the added capability of enabling mobile workers and guests to print from their mobile devices. This makes uniFLOW even more attractive to businesses looking for a flexible, scalable way to manage printing and scanning efficiently, securely and cost effectively.

Logo Kofax

eCopy is an easy to use system for managing any type of paper documents into an electronic format that effortlessly integrates into all business applications. It connects your digital printer or scanner to company’s e-mail and other networked enterprise applications, for low-cost, easy, instantaneous distribution and management of electronic copies of paper documents in B&W or colour.

Logo Therefore

Therefore is the information management software you need to revolutionize your business. Therefore enables to store, manage and process all kind of business information more efficiently, economically and securely throughout your organization.
Based on SQL Database, it’s able to satisfy every business request related to management, restoring and retrieving files, sharing and printing documents.