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Back in 1990 Eurocopy Italiana, together with Asaki Corporation, Akay Italiana and Ito-Fuji Italiana decided to create a strategic commercial alliance to combine the capabilities of these companies, leaders in their market, in order to develop a new sinergy, create a coordinated corporate image and establish new business standards. This commercial alliance took the name of Gruppo Eurocopy, with reference to the holding company.
The idea of an alliance and creating a corporate-oriented business strategy was ground-breaking and not just in the office automation sector if you consider, for example, that the first important alliance in the air transport sector only took place at the end of the ‘90s. Just after the four co-founders, other companies, which shared the same goals and guidelines, joined the Group.
At that time, all the companies used to market a single brand: Nashuatec, an NRG brand. In effect, one of the Group’s guidelines has always been to commercialize a very limited number of brands (and even just one during some periods of its history) in order to grant its customer the highest level of expertise, both commercially and technically, as well as a consistent availability of products, supplies and spare parts.
This couldn’t be truly possible if you should deal with ten brands.
Just with the Nashuatec brand, Gruppo Eurocopy reaches its first memorable goal: in 1995 is rewarded as the first dealer in Italy, thus showing its indisputable supremacy not only commercially but especially in the post-sale support.
In 1991, Himura Copy Center joins the Group as well: its remarkable Print Center, located in the heart of downtown Milan, strengthen the strategic position of Gruppo Eurocopy in the Italian market also in the business-to–customer segment, thus actively contributing in widely spreading the name of the Group on the market itself.
Afterwards, in 1995, accepting the challenge coming from the new digital technologies and the increasing demand for colour printing, Gruppo Eurocopy decided to sign a new commerciale agreement with Canon, immediately standing out as a market leader with this brand as well.
In 1997, in fact, the Group is joined by Digitec Italia, a company created purposedly to seal this partnership with Canon, which soon thereafter became one of the most representative partners, together with the Group’s cofounders.
Digitec has been indeed one of the first companies to embrace the challenge pursued by Canon in the office automation market by joining the Canon Solution Center project, the first added-value network in the Italian IT market.
In the following decade Gruppo Eurocopy focuses on the new digital technologies, developing its presence in the Center and South Italy.
In 2005, always in order to accept each challenge arising from the printing sector, Gruppo Eurocopy signs a commercial agreement with Konica Minolta for the resale of printing products. Even in this case, the Group immediately confirms its leadership on the market and sets a new benchmark through this new company, born from the merger of two long-standing brands.
With Konica Minolta the Group increases its portfolio in the digital colour applications to provide its customers with the best products in the market.
Furthermore, the knowledge, capabilities and synergies in the solutions business are enhanced: as a matter of fact Gruppo Eurocopy has been one of the first partners to present the eCopy solution to the Italian market as well as being one of the few retailers to have reached an high level of training on solutions applications, as proven by the several certifications awarded to its technical personnel.
In 2012 the Gruppo Eurocopy, through Eurocopy Italiana, actively contributes to the opening of the European branch of Osprey Global Solutions, an US multinational company operating in the security sector.
In 2019 the Gruppo Eurocopy becomes the exclusive distributor of the Korean brand Sindoh for Italy.